Meet Dr. Well


Serving Others

Orthodontics is my way of being of service. It’s my place in the world of industry and trade, my place in the community. I am blessed to have the privilege to change the lives of people, often in a profound way.

We all have lots of love and positivity to contribute to the world. Sometimes it’s a little thing, like a smile we’re not comfortable with, that gets in our way. Giving someone the confidence to smile can have an enormous, lasting ripple effect in their life. I want each of my patients to come to my practice and find what it is they are seeking in a beautiful, healthy new smile.

My patients are dear to me: They are real people with real lives, real joys, and sometimes really difficult challenges. It’s my job to provide them with the orthodontic care they often need and desperately want, and make the process fit into each person’s hectic life and tight finances.

During treatment, my patient and I work together toward our shared goal of a new smile and improved oral health, with mutual respect and accountability. This is a bonding experience as, together, we watch the person’s appearance change and a smile they love emerge.

Debond day — the day we remove the braces — is a thrill, as we see what we’ve accomplished and celebrate. It’s also often a bit bittersweet, too, as I know I won’t be seeing this person, someone who’s become my friend, as often.

My Team and Our Practice

My team and I share a joint vision for our practice: to treat our patients the way we’d like to be treated. We believe in clear expectations, honesty, integrity, and, most importantly, appreciating our patients for choosing us and giving us the privilege to assist them.

We’ve created an office that’s filled with positive energy, many smiles, and lots of laughter. We have prizes for kids, tablets for use during visits, and a beautiful atmosphere. Life is stressful: orthodontic visits don’t have to be part of that stress!

Education and Continuing Education

Dr. Well was honored to receive a four-year Senatorial scholarship for undergraduate studies and achieved early admission to the University of Maryland Dental School. He graduated magna cum laude with his Doctorate in Dental Surgery.

He was accepted at the University of Colorado for his orthodontic residency. Dr. Well also completed a graduate degree, a Master of Science in Dentistry, at the University.

My commitment to furthering my professional education is integral to who I am. I have a close relationship with UCLA Dental School, where I teach dental students and connect with residents and faculty members whose research is driving advances in orthodontics.

This relationship enables me to share the knowledge I’ve garnered from my own education and experience, and to remain on the leading edge of innovations and products. My patients can be assured they will receive high-quality orthodontic care, using the most current, proven technologies and techniques.

Professional Memberships

In the Community

Community is an essential part of life: no man is an island and we all need help at times. Together, we are so much stronger and better able to face all of life’s many challenges. Over the years, I have volunteered in various capacities for organizations that address the educational needs of impoverished children and those with special needs.

Any parent of a special-needs child will tell you how much it means to them, and to their child, for the child to be included by others, accepted as they are, and educated in a way that reaches them. Volunteering gives me a sense of belonging and being part of something bigger than myself.

Beyond the Office

After growing up in Chicago, Dr. Well’s destiny was to move to the West Coast. He made his way to his wife’s hometown of Los Angeles.

I am blessed with a wonderful family. Sara is my dear wife and we have three children: Miriam, Ari, and Shira. Sara is an ICU nurse and a budding entrepreneur. Miriam is a speed reader and an aspiring author of fantasy adventure novels. Ari is the daredevil of the family, who rocks his fantastic balance and coordination on skis and scooters, and he’s an aspiring pilot, too. Our little Shira can often be found in front of a mirror, putting on her mother’s makeup in preparation for one of her many performances. She loves dance, music, and just being silly.

When I’m not caring for patients, I love to spend time with my family as we create great adventures and memories. We enjoy going to the beach, traveling, and other family-friendly activities. Sara and I enjoy our little getaways and finding new experiences to share! We recently went white-water rafting for the first time and enjoyed the serenity of a peaceful weekend in New Mexico.