If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

Great experience

Brandi D. says: “I look forward to having my Invisalign® soon! Dr. Well was very knowledgeable, professional, and I definitely trust him. Highly recommended.”

Extremely Happy

Chana Rivka M. says: “Dr. Well is currently treating three of my children. He takes such amazing care with each of them. Dr. Well is utterly meticulous that every stage of the treatment is executed perfectly. He also has a kind and friendly bedside manner, putting his patients at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Well to anyone considering getting braces.”

Best Orthodontic Experience EVER!!!

Weiwei S. says: “Dr. Well was so professional and patient to answer all my questions! He was very meticulous and attentive during the whole exam process. My upper and lower jaws were misaligned in a complicated way, which were not thoroughly discovered by other othodontists. I was hesitant to choose to work with his team before the consultation, but decided right away to work with him after that!”

Great Orthodontist

Jessica B. says: “We were extremely happy with Dr. Well. He was very honest, accommodating, patient, caring, and professional. Really nice office and no wait time; receptionist was very nice and helpful. Thank you, Dr. Well!!”

First-Rate Orthodontist

Reeva M. says: Firstly, the receptionist was friendly and helpful. The wait time was five minutes. Dr. Well was extremely professional and explained each step to my daughter. We were offered a very reasonable payment plan, besides a very fair price. They also accept insurance, which is great. My daughter also needs surgery, and Dr. Well shares office space with Dr. Mizrahi, who is an oral surgeon. It is very convenient and reassuring to have the orthodontist and surgeon in the same place. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

Best Orthodontist in LA

Stacy L. says: “Dr. Well is meticulous. He has the best bedside manner out of any doctor I have visited, is extremely knowledgeable, and so cares about the outcome of your care. I seriously believe he is the best orthodontist in LA. And his new offices on La Cienega are very high-tech, impressive, and convenient. Dr. Well and his team are top notch.”

Always a pleasure

Daphna G. says: “Came in for an emergency visit and Dr. Well happily accommodated. Always a gentle and amazing person!!”

Always a pleasant experience

Daphna G. says: “My son is always happy to come to Dr. Well for his appointments.”

Young & Well Orthodontics

Momo V. says: “Dr. Well’s knowledge is outstanding! My visit was incredible and my wife and I have decided to come with my daughter to get her braces on after our vacation to Europe! I am very pleased with my first visit to Young & Well Orthodontics and am very thankful that we chose you guys! Thank you very much!”

Nice. Knowledgeable. And professional.

Daphna G. says: “Dr. Well seems like the right person for us to work with. His evaluation was spot on and his professional demeanor was sincere and calm. I am certain he will put my son at ease when the process starts.”

Commitment to Patient Experience

Paul D. says: “I was referred to Dr. Well after receiving very complex surgery that involved moving my entire upper jaw forward to correct an underbite. After surgery, I no longer had an underbite but now had slightly misaligned teeth to deal with. As a 32-year-old professional, I did not want visible braces. I searched through several orthodontists, looking to find someone willing to use Invisalign on me; unfortunately, they all declined and said I was not a candidate for Invisalign. I went back to my surgeon, who referred me to Dr. Well. Dr. Well was able to create specially modified Invisalign treatment for me, and transformed my smile into something I do not have to feel ashamed of anymore. I had an amazing experience with Dr. Well, and recommend him to everyone I meet. I am now happier, better looking, and no longer feel the urge to hide my mouth behind my hand when speaking. Thank you Dr. Well!”


Stacy K. says: “Had consultations with five different orthodontists for my daughter before going to Dr. Well. Am so pleased with how meticulous he is. Incredibly knowledgeable, thorough, meticulous, and uber kind. Truly a wonderful doctor. And his office is lovely, as well — very warm and attractive. Could not be happier with our choice of orthodontist.”

Best Orthodontic Experience

Sarah K. says: “I have had braces before, with another orthodontist. Over time, my teeth had shifted and I decided to go to Dr. Well for another set of braces. I thought I knew what to expect, but this experience was so vastly different from my experience with my previous orthodontist, I cannot stop raving about it. Dr. Well looks at his patients like an artist looks at his paintings. He is a perfectionist, going through so many detailed exams — exams I had never had before! He was so clear and patient, explaining everything. Dr. Well went beyond my expectations and I would recommend him to anyone I know. If you want a great smile, and want to be in the best hands possible, Dr. Well is the one to go to.”