What Sets Us Apart


Personalized Orthodontic Care

You are a wonderfully unique, complex individual. You have your own life, passions, interests, and specific orthodontic concerns and smile goals.

Dr. Hillel Well of Young & Well Orthodontics respects your individuality. By learning who you are, and establishing clear communication, he’s able to craft a treatment plan that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Your orthodontic experience will be efficient and comfortable, and give you the healthy, radiant smile of your dreams!

You Are the Top Priority

We’ve created a positive, welcoming orthodontic practice where you’ll feel safe, encouraged, and informed. It’s essential that you experience no anxiety about your treatment or worry about financing it. As an independent practice, we’re able to tailor every part of your orthodontics experience to you:

  • Individual treatment plans that meet your clinical needs and personal concerns
  • Convenient hours, including weekdays, select evenings, and Sundays so you don’t need to schedule your life around treatment
  • Advanced orthodontic technologies, including 3D digital X-rays and digital impressions, for the most comfortable and accurate diagnostics and treatment planning
  • Commitment to delivering ethical, honest care that always places your welfare first, and standing behind our work
  • Engagement and education to keep you excited about getting a new smile and ensure you finish with the knowledge and passion to keep it healthy and beautiful!

Beautiful Smiles at Any Age

Many people think orthodontic care is only appropriate or available for children and teens. Thankfully, these people are mistaken. Orthodontic treatment is a great choice no matter what your age!

Today’s advances allow Dr. Well to move teeth gently and efficiently into proper alignment. Treatment options include clear brackets and aligners, as well as self-ligating (tie-less) and lingual (on the back of the teeth) braces, and ensure a virtually invisible orthodontic experience!

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

Choosing orthodontic care is choosing to make a lasting, transformative difference in your life. It’s essential that you have the information you need — about your clinical situation, treatment options, costs, and responsibilities — before you start the process.

Please contact Young & Well Orthodontics in Beverly Hills, CA, to schedule a consultation for a loved one or yourself. You’ll come in, meet Dr. Well and the team, and learn how we can help make the smile of your dreams a reality. The sooner you call, the sooner you’re on the path to a life-changing smile. Call today!